Make Everyday feel like a Vacation !

Tips on how to curb your wanderlust, when you can’t travel.

We keep pushing people to go beyond their boundaries, explore and seek out. But what if there are factors that prevent us from traveling that may involve financial restraints, physical or mental illness, work or family obligations or anything else.

Trust me, despite all these factors do not let your spirit down and dream to stop traveling forever. For me there was a time when being a traveler all my last few years, I had to stick to my desk at office and not travel for 8 months at stretch. While I was creating trip itineraries, encouraging others to travel and even share experiences on different forums, revived my travel blog – the thought of not travelling suddenly was unacceptable.

Yes, it was suffocating. Since, some factors were not in my control, I continued to dream about my next travel and invested my time into something constructive. You must embrace this time too and keep updating your knowledge on travel, other cultures, meet and connect with other travelers online and know more.

When I got back from a trip last year, I promised myself to make go on a trip everyday by just changing thoughts. Life is a ride, you may have to take detours some time and halt for a few days too. But hey chill, say yes to every opportunity that comes to you, to go out of your bed.

I vowed to make my everyday life feel more like vacation, and part of that meant saying yes to stuff more often. I get so caught up in my routine that when someone asks me to do something I normally don’t do, my knee-jerk reaction is usually: Go to a show on a Tuesday night? What are you, nuts? I decline, then spend my Tuesday night the same way I spend every other Tuesday night: watching TV and browsing Instagram.

Never let that spirit fade. One must take out time for yourself and indulge into activities that adds to your experiences –

Read – Read books on countries you would like to visit, read other individuals travel experiences, read travel guides and engage in finding the best things you would like to experience. You can refer to our website here to see some of the adventures we offer.


Watch – If you enjoy exploring the world though their heritage or food, log on to various lifestyle channels and television series who talk and educate about the wonderful locations.

Watch TV

Meet and Network – Explore various events listed on your city guides weekly and attend food, cultural and fun events such as meet ups by couchsurfing events. This connects you with the outer world and keeps your traveling spirit high. Share your old experiences with them and you never know you can encourage another person to travel.


Write and Express – Go through your old memories and photographs and document all experiences/incidents. This activity would lift your spirits high and if you love writing, encourage the world with your learnings and experiences. I do it here and on Instagram

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