My Do Nothing Vacation

“I sit against a grey rock, beneath a sky of pristine blueness, and think of you.

It is November and the grass is turning brown and yellow.

Crushed, it smells sweet.

The afternoon sun shimmers on the oak leaves and turns them a glittering silver.

A cricket sizzles its way through the long grass. The stream murmurs at the bottom of the hill- the stream where you and I lingered on a golden afternoon in May.”

I grew up dreaming about these lines by Ruskin Bond, longing that one day I too would sit by a rivulet/brook/stream, my feet dipped in gushing water, mellow breeze blowing through my hair, wild and free, the sky an impeccable blue, with peace so profound that I can hear my heart beating, feel my nerves relaxing and see my soul smiling. Dreams do come true, trust me. My experience in the hills last year was no less than a dream. It was not just a trip. It was an escape. And I owe it all to Rootsvida- who made it possible with their meticulously curated itinerary and buckets of love.

Girl Traveling in the hills

When I first heard about Roots’ Do Nothing Vacations, I was more perplexed than excited. The idea of not doing anything for three days at a place so popular on Instagram sounded strange. But that one vacation changed my perception of travelling and here are the reasons why:

  • RELAX: Being in a constant mode of hurry just to tick off every “tourist spot” in your list is quite stressful. But hey, you are taking that break to relax. So, find your own, little space, sip freshly brewed coffee, read your favourite book, play football with village kids, pick ripen fruits or just eat pahadi food and call it a lazy day ;).
  • CONNECT: Take that social media detox, talk to new people and make new friends. Connect with yourself and the world.
  • EAT GOOD, FEEL GOOD: Eat authentic local food at the best homestays picked by Roots for you.
  • INDULDGE: Choose any activity you always wanted to do. Be it trying your hands at pottery or photography, mountain biking or playing guitar, making cheese or cooking soul food, or just let Roots surprise you.
  • NATURE AT ITS BEST: Take out time to sit in Nature’s lap and let it embrace you with its beauty and bounty. Nature has the power to heal you. So, slow down and adopt its pace.
  • RETROSPECT: Yes, we all need to. Now.
  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT: In an attempt to make the most out of our trips, we forget to enjoy ourselves. There is always something to worry about- bookings, cabs, safety, fear of missing out (ugh). Leave all your worries on Roots, they have got it all sorted for you. You do what makes you happy.
Morning coffee at roots vacation
When I chill and just Sip Coffee
Enjoying the sunset with Roots
When I just let myself free and take my own time to enjoy the Sunset
himachal Roots travel mcleodganj
I love spending hours at a perched on top of the hill for the views are just breathtaking
people enjoying the roots trip
When you see such playful energy around, You get energised and refreshed too


This piece is written by Ashima Gupta – an undergrad student and a travel enthusiast. She is a creative person and Roots has always been excited to have her on trips.

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