About Us

Travelers, by default. We have been called a lot of names… Nomads. Explorers. Vagabonds. Adventurers. Wayfarers. Gypsies. Wanderers. And we’ve adopted them all. Away from the busy roads as we continue to wander and reincarnate, our relationship with travel offers salvation to our soul. Writing love letters to travel as we embark on a journey to explore the unseen, muse on solo travels or our tryst with the lens, all our memoirs are penned and captured. ROOTS, has started its voyage in search of reliving the historic emotions, foodies have their tastes of life and photographers have their point of view all through the trips. Backpacking to hunt for an experience of the best adventures offered by the world, soon to be replaced by another adventure.
That is who we are. And that’s just the gist of it. Be a part of ROOTS, and you can reincarnate to create an odyssey of your soul!