She is Not Lost

She Says Wander – Short Stories

After spending a week in the mountains doing nothing, Aditi had escaped the city to detox from the social world that had started suffocating her. The entire last week, she was found sitting on a hanging jute chair reading a book or just staring up in the sky. She finally left her cosy homestay to explore a nearby waterfall. Dressed up in a lavender sweater with a sheep designed woollen cap on her head, she was quite packed to beat the cold winds. Traversing into the jungle to explore the hidden waterfall all alone, she wanted to face her fears – Fear of traveling solo.

An hour had passed, Aditi started panicking, forget the waterfall, she couldn’t find her way out of the jungle to the main road. It was getting darker and she was close to getting an anxiety attack. That very moment, she heard the hustling of the leaves behind her and she froze. She had not seen even a single person in the last one hour on the trail, what sound could this be ?

Rajat, a tall guy, athletic body, not paying attention that his presence could freak Aditi out. He was not rude, but he was obviously a seasoned hiker, proven by the way he walked. As he passed by her,  Aditi took a sigh of relief and in fact he was in a way a saviour – the only person who she could follow and find her way out. The two strangers walked alongside, both lost in their own worlds. They got nearer and nearer to each other, not realizing the collision course they were set on. There shoulders smacked each other. After realising what had happened, they stared straight into each other’s eyes.
For one moment they connected, him in her life, and her in his. Seconds later, he gave his hand to help her – CROSS THE BRIDGE.

Real Life Stories That I have learnt from my Travel Life.