How Traveling with Strangers Evolves You!

Do you travel? Being specific – Have you ever traveled with strangers? Read below to know how this can truly change your life.

While we were young, we often were made cautious before talking to a stranger. However as we grew older, talking to stranger isn’t so much scary or uncomfortable. The change we now see is that people love traveling with strangers than their closed ones or friends – For a simple reason being that they will not be judged and can enjoy being ‘Me’. Taking a break from usual people around you can itself be a great rejuvenation. Having no hard feelings for your loved ones, it’s only about – ‘Breaking the Monotony.’

coffee conversations

Meeting new people and learning new things are mainly the whole soul (read sole) reason for traveling with strangers. When you meet a stranger, the eyes usually stare through you to scan the vibe you emit. Mostly, the conversations born out of these situations may not be significant. Other times, you may just click with the other person in minutes as if you have known the other person for decades. The eye contact and conversations revolve more about the connection you bring to life in your own words.

It can be incredibly overwhelming when you learn about their hopes and dreams and struggles and weaknesses. And you realize that this stranger has an entire new world with different perceptions even though he is sailing in the same boat as yours.

sunset conversations

Lately, the society a human to human conversation has been raided over by the digital alphabets that lacks emotions and empathy. We at Roots, plan travel in a way that people have more time to interact, understand and express. So the next time you meet a stranger at our trip, look out for the connection around. We can help you with a quick conversation starter such as –

1. What is a perfect day like for you?

2. What do you aspire for?

3. What’s your first memory?

4. Share two most interesting things about yourself?

5. Where in the world would you most like to live?

There are certain unsaid and unspoken things that are understood when strangers connect. Maybe there are experiences and ways in which each of them perceive the world differently and learning it is fun. In such moments, to understand the life rules it’s always better to talk it out and traveling can be the best time to have such conversations.

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