5 Things to Eat in Ladakh

Sometimes you need to forget the rules, think outside the buns and try looking for a sign of good taste. If you are a foodie, you may just love experimenting.

When in Ladakh –

In the freezing climes of Stok village at over 12,000 feet in Ladakh, cold wind was blowing in from the North, permeating every nook and cranny of the kitchen where we sat cross-legged on woolly carpets. Despite the cold, we relished every minute of that meal and wiped the plate clean with the last bit of bread in the plate.

While on our next trip to Ladakh, you may treat your tongue with some of the best cuisine – from the famous ‘Butter Tea’ to freshly brewed beer at home called‘Chhang’. When you come back, the taste buds still savour the amazing cuisine the place offers you. While you are on the trip, Learn, why the food tastes so different from other parts of India and why it is prepared in totally different technique. Please drop in your comments if you know a dish that you loved relishing in Ladakh.

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