How it all started?

Did u ever give a thought to know about yourself? Are you really creating your life worth mentioning in the books? Are you blessed with a soul who actually pushes you to achieve your passion? Do you live your dreams? I did and here I am who just wanted to be closer to love – ‘Love of Travelling’. This is a new life, a reincarnation that narrates the odyssey of my soul – ROOTS.
With the dream to travel, a hunger to visit green pastures, sighting  breathtaking sceneries and feeling the adrenaline rush – I go beyond myself to explore the unrivalled history of human existence. With least interest in history textbooks at school, I gradually developed a special interest to visit all heritage sites still standing strong over hundreds of years. This mystery of strength keeps tingling in my head; the hunger of delighting my eyes keeps my hopes alive to make ROOTS to lengths and breadths of this world.
Its just not me and so are other travelers hoping to capture the finest of sights through their lens. ROOTS share an opportunity to every wanderer to satiate their wanderlust by traveling with us just not on vacations!
For ROOTS, the routes are carved, the cultures are relived and the history is repeated. Board the journey of soul!