A Traveler’s Perfect Indulgence – Rishikesh

We discovered the true potential of Rishikesh as a travel destination for an adventure seeker and uniquely a spiritual seeker’s paradise too. Over our two days stay in Ravers Expedition camp we explored a multi-layered experience: learnt how to play the Australian didgeridoo in a carpenter’s hut, participated in the famous Ganga Aarti, grueling adventure activities along with a musical bonfire.

We reached our beach side Ravers camp early morning, thrilled by the chilly winds and gushing water of river Ganga. Some of us were allotted tents to rest, but most of them chose to seize their thoughts and just enjoy the nature.

rishikesh ravers camp
And we were super active at six in the morning!

morning in rishikesh ravers camp rishikesh

patna falls rishikesh
After a quick and a hearty breakfast, all of us geared up for a hike to a hidden gem called Patna waterfall.
patna falls rishikesh
The exciting turbulence of the waterfall bubbled up the fun in us and they lunged into the pool trailing to the water’s edge.
brewing tea
After a streaming line of photo shoot, this called for a quick stop at chai point with some Maggie. A chai round is incomplete without any conversations and so this turned out to be an ice breaking session.
From introduction to gossips, the warm froth of chai made some of the best travel buddies today
ravers camp rishikesh
The beaches aren’t the only spectacular spots for water views, the leisure at the hammock makes a great time!
Rishikesh beach camp
In Afternoons, All you have to do is apply the sunscreen, enjoy the sound of water and have a beach-style leisure time.
Djembe master in Rishikesh
Mukesh Dhiman, Djembe Master The evening was the highlight of the trip, as we attended an interesting workshop by him, who played an Australian wind instrument called Didgeridoo.

didgideroo workshop

Meandering on a journey to master the art of ultimate slow travel, we took our time to get from one place to the next. If you visit the ghats sometime, never forget to indulge in pure spiritualism. We define ‘spirituality’ by participating in the Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan, dipping your feet at the last step in the river and listen to hymns being chanted.

aarti at rishikesh
With an unbeatable history of romance of a man with the river, you are at peace and nirvana.
The Mantras bring you at Peace! Photo Credits: Anchal Kainthola
offerings flower
Temples in Rishikesh are generally bursting with devout followers, offering flowers, ringing bells and singing hymns with busy, energetic, frenzied and glorious market.
ravers camp
Sumit from Featurer walked us through a beautiful musical night by playing some tunes on his guitar. Rahul, the storyteller added his amusing stories to keep the fire burning till all of us settled in our beds for a stress free sleep. Photo Credits: Parvinder Singh
yoga at rishikesh
While the other set, started their day with an early morning yoga class whilst the afternoon was spent basking in the glory of Rishikesh by the riverside.
water rafting
One set was all geared up for an adrenaline rush and left for the popular sport – Rafting.
evening in rishikesh
And before we knew it, the place began to affect us, silently but swiftly. Photo Credits: Anchal Kainthola

Rishikesh is a destination for those seeking enlightenment or adventurous escape, enthralled with the silvery flow of the Ganges River. Planning a trip or an adventure across India? Contact ROOTS for the best way of experiencing it.