10 Places to Visit with your Best Friend

When you are with your friends; especially the best ones, everything seems to be more vibrant, livelier and cheerful. When you are in their company, even the boring lectures or gatherings get exciting and equally engrossing for you. So why not travel together – You’ll never argue over where to go, because you want to go everywhere together.

For reasons both silly and serious, conquering a journey with your best friend is one of the healthiest, powerful and most positive things you can do for your relationship. Here are ten places to get out there with your best friend RIGHT NOW.

  1. Manali – Leh Road trip

The ‘Mecca’ of all road trips in India, the Manali-Leh Highway has always been a favourite. All -you need to do: get geared up for some adventure, hit the road and reach nowhere! The long journey on wheels can give you some amazing conversations of life while you appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the place.

manali leh highway

2. A Selfie at Pangong Lake

Transporting you to an ethereal place, the Pangong Lake is located in Ladakh. This is a place where you can sit and talk about all those memories you have had over the years while cotton candy clouds float above. While you a click a selfie with your bestie, feel the serenity and magic envelope you!

Selfie at Pangong Lake

3. Roam around in the streets of Goa

The streets of Goa always welcome you with a spectacular feeling of festival which holds a gathering of an amazing number of cultures. Let yourself lose to music and dance and stay high to have some of the best moments together.

sun burn goa

4.View a Sunset after the snow trek at Chandrashila

When you start loving the clouds, after hopping on to the snow path and your friend dragging you to finish the trek – It’s time you sit and enjoy the sunset. Trekking means exploring life. It’s different and more youthful and one of the best ways to connect with each other.


5. A walk at Ganapatipule Beach

A hidden treasure of Maharashtra, we suggest that you visit Ganapatipule Beach. Treat your eyes to 6km of unbridled clean sand flanked by greens of the cliff on one side and blues of the Arabian Sea on the other. A walk by the beach is a perfect time to spend together and talk about your future plans.

ganapatipule beach

6. Glamping at Jaisalmer

Don’t miss out on a quintessential rustic desert experience when in Jaisalmer. Visit the place with your bestie to experience camping in desert and hear stories that captivate you from the locals on a starry cold night.

luxury camping

7. Spend a night with Fireflies at Rajmachi Fort

The scenes are straight out of fairy tales and animation films – night spent at Rajmachi fort in the Western Ghat jungles twinkle during what is known as the mating season for fireflies. We call this phenomenon as stars on earth and what better place to experience this than with your best friend.

rajmachi fireflies

8. Walk on the living Roots Bridge in Meghalaya

What seems to appear straight out of a fantasy movie, the Living Root Bridges have to be seen to be believed! Why not pack your bags to experience something extraordinary.


9. Share the madness at Kila Raipur Olympics

Kila Raipur near Ludhiana in Punjab hosts their rural Olympic sports tournament with a range of interesting and amazing sports. It’s madness when you run along the bullock cart races and horse race just to get the perfect shot. Laughter breaks when the commentary in Punjabi language makes you roll over the jokes they crack in between.

kila raipur olympics

10. Imagine nothingness in the vast landscapes of Kutch

Imagine nothingness and then imagine it some more! Being one of the remote places in India and the largest salt desert in the world, the Rann of Kutch comes to life somewhere in October. Try making it to Kala Dungar (Black Hill) with your friend from grade one and experience a panoramic view from 458 meters above sea level just to pinch yourself and say we are still together.

Wide Salt Deserts of Kutch

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