5 Moments when you Can make the Best Photographs!

A photographer’s delight, travel is all about experiences and they are to be treasured. With the latest technology and gadgets the idea of preserving the best of memories stays alive.

Moment #1 The white lining of snow, breathtaking landscapes and grandeur beaches makes all your cameras flashed up to capture the smiles, laughter and play.

We are unlikely to long remember the smell and buzz of a flower garden in spring, the awe of gazing for the first time at the mountain we intend to climb or the adrenaline of trekking in the snow. Our photographs need to bring these and other sensations back, to trigger our memories, and to communicate how we felt to others.

The only mantra to follow when you travel with a camera is – Just be yourself and observe.

Dalhousie snow capped mountains
The white Skyline at Dalhousie captured by Ankit Mathur on one splendid morning while camping with Roots
The golden hour beautifully expressed by Ankit Mathur through his lens, one morning in jot Pass with Roots
beach side tents rishikesh
Quite a beach affair .. memories captured by Parvinder Singh on our last visit to Rishikesh










Moment #2 Your camera should roll over to the exhilarating moment when you step on one feet snow bed. Or May be the moment when you see the birds flying in a formation or just a beautiful little flower while you are trekking up the hill.

Sometimes the tiniest details make the best of the pictures.

prayer flame
Sometimes these prayers are well answered just by the ambiance the hymns create. Photograph by Shally Makin at Parmarth Niketan Rishikesh
bird in bharatpur
Sometimes the joy of clicking those tiniest creatures in the world are far beautiful than grandeur sculptures. A shot from our visit to Bharatpur




















Moment# 3 Candid photography is that captured moment which is pure, heartwarming amazing, when the person isn’t ‘ready’ for you to shoot (or just after you’ve taken a shot). It brings in emotions and curls you up with various personas and expressions.

Set your camera to continuous shooting mode that often leads to some wonderful candid shots.

morning of a girl
Good mornings are great when you are still trying to figure to what kind of place you have landed for a vacation
fun in snow
So here we are .. back to school when we see the snow. The memory captured in khajjiar
A candid shot by Shally Makin brings back the memories of the great times we had in the snow at Khajjiar










Moment #4 Travelling is the ideal time to have your camera poised for action. Look for things that are unusual or different and you will create interesting street photographs. Look for shadows, food, busy cities, street portraits and the list goes on.

Get lost. Wander down the alleys. Sit and watch life pass by.

sadhu rishikesh
Deep in thoughts, life is great as it passes by… Photograph by Ankit Mathur
Tea and conversations on life while you travel is a great time spent. Photo Credits: Ankit Mathur

Moment #5 Yes, clicking all through the travel is important to keep memories, but be thankful that you have the opportunity to even be where you are. Enjoy the moment, Have fun and the pictures and stories will just become a part of it.

Get out there. The only way to discover the rhythm of life in a place, and so figure out what to shoot, is to experience it.

sikh rural sport
Capturing the Rhythm of Life beautifully .. Ankit Mathur expresses it with his lens
evening in Rishikesh
And before we knew it, the place began to affect us, silently but swiftly.. An evening best clicked by Anchal Kainthola in Rishikesh













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  • Mussu

    Amazing roots well done...it had been travelling very well since one year..and I hope it well go with the flow in the coming years too..ausum blossom...do travel with roots..it's seriously an amazing trip planner ... :-)