Stories From the Road: Hiking Trails to Experience

Once you start your trip, the trip doesn’t have control over the things that will happen. Most of the times, it happens in a strange and amazing differently than you had planned.

We started tough. According to us, adventure is whatever gets you out of your comfort zone. On day two of our Ladakh trip, we were stuck on the road to Rohtang because of a road block. We started walking up the hill to find something to eat and in that course of a journey, an adventure story was born. Go through the pics and learn about the Day One of the Trip!

Expressions of a boy

And listening to this news, one of our travelers reacted absurdly with his reactions that were unfortunately captured in our cameras.

Smile Expression

Not to forget his expressions too … ” ooodi baba we need to walk up now to eat food “


Nevertheless, the moment stopped for few seconds for our travelers when they were asked to hike up the hill for breakfast.

Hike up the hill

Nonetheless, we walked up with full zeal.

Tibetan Flags

Cheers to a 5 km steep walk up the hill, that we reached Marhi just to echo the wind blowing through these flags Photo Credits Mani Maran


Yes, of course TEA …

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