17 ways ROOTS Experiences Travel

It’s been a year tripping to various destinations. We realized how we have grown and discovered our true self. We’re the difference between tour and travel and we experience the same places, differently.

#We explore with you. The idea of exploration brings in experience and adventure that helps you grow. 

walking shoes
#We explore with you.

#We get up early in the morning. Even If we are terrible at getting up early we do. You’ll see mornings are more beautiful outside than being lazy in the bed.

morning tea
#We get up early

#We Travel as light as possible. We tend to carry all around the place because sometimes we call ourselves as Nomads.

arrived at station
#We Travel as light

#You can take your hobbies with you. If you’re interested in architecture, get hold of a historian and if you’re into singing, see if there is a local group and join the choir.

#You can take your hobbies

#We eat the local food. They cook the best what they eat and having a multicuisine taste bud is a plus point.

#We eat the local food.

#We are music lovers and we have all the ears for every genre of music.

#We are music lovers

#Challenge yourself. Try something adventurous like white water rafting or eating a questionable local delicacy is an experience worth a shot.

climbing tree
#Challenge yourself.

#We love Surprises. We do not stick to schedules. Of course we do not miss our trains/flights but we flexible and invite unexpected surprises.

#We love Surprises.

#We prefer traveling in a tuk tuk than an AC car. We stay at innovative accommodations and seek the local life their way.

#We prefer traveling in a tuk tuk

#We believe in Walking. Some places are worth just tripping on foot. It’s a pleasure talking to the locals, learning about their culture while you find peace in yourself.

Kumbhalgarh fort wall
#We believe in Walking.

#We get crazy ideas of adventures sometimes. One needs to be eveready for the surprises and kind of experiences we help them participate in.

fun in water
#We get crazy ideas of adventures

#Thinking about work is a big ‘No’. Stressing out on work related issues leaves you agitated. It’s a damn vacation, not a thought is welcomed.

stressed man
#Thinking about work

#Capture moments While photographers have their day when they travel, we suggest others can stay a little less “click happy.” Some moments are just captured with your eyes, so enjoy and let it sink in.

#Capture moments

#Share Experiences with your travel buddies. Tips are always helpful.

late night conversations at bonfire
#Share Experiences

#Learn about their culture. Sometimes it’s fun to learn about the stories and the way of life people live in places.

Kumaoni family
#Learn about their culture.

#We travel for history. History is written by the winners and learning about the winners inspires you. For the architecture they left behind, it mesmerizes us.

Panipat war memorial
#We travel for history.

#We travel to smile. We travel not to escape life but life not to escape us.

Party at Turquoise Cottage Delhi
#We travel to smile.

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