When in Doubt Travel!

My 1st trip with roots…

Doubts comprise of us, we are made of doubts. We doubt love, we doubt friendship, we doubt our skills, our strengths, our faith and our decisions. In short we doubt ourselves. We are a doubt head to toe and I am sure many of our parents doubt “is he my child, my product”. Doubts leave us in our world of self-discovery. With every doubt we find a new insight about ourselves and hence, WHEN IN DOUBT TRAVEL.

And that is exactly what I did when I was in doubt… I traveled with ROOTS.

khajjair camp
N this is how I woke up early morning to see a sight worth waiting for all night!

Yes I was doubtful as I knew none. Nope, nobody except one colleague of mine who introduced me to the group and travelers. Rest were all faces, somebody who belonged to anybody but not me. A whatsapp group before the trip did give me a little idea of what audience I shall be with for coming weekend but it all actually started with a 2 hour wait at INA metro station. It was a beginning, 2 buses of travelers and my 1st trip with strangers. Being an introvert, the risk of travelling with unknown people wasn’t enough and my excited self-decided not to travel in the bus which my colleague was going as he was familiar with a lot faces. I choose the completely unknown bus with unknown people.

It was like this journey where there were no names, no identities, no backgrounds just a few faces. And I call it the best part. When you know none you come to know what all you can be- the restricted devil or the happy-go-lucky, in my case happy-go-chubby girl.

While we had an awesome view from the top.. we didnt let it go instead took a Selfie 🙂

A funny intro at 2 am in night after a sumptuous meal at the famous dhaba and all the faces got their names and some even nicknames. I had so much to talk about the trip, but then when I sat down to actually write it and started my points I realized, “nope this can’t be crafted”. It can only be experienced. Off course Khajjiar was beautiful and the meadows completely breathtaking.

The snow covered hills and fresh breath of air was all refreshing but when the environment inside the bus was as beautiful as outside it all doubled the happiness.

N this is how we spent our early morning just staring the sky and the beautiful sunrise we witnessed!

So to know how it went, you got to travel with this bunch. And well now that the lazy me has shared my experience after 4 months, that is as fresh as yesterday  – you can figure out what good it did to me. I am waiting for when I can join them again. Rest hope to see you, the one reading this.. soon on one of the trips.

Hasta la vista!

This piece is written by Aastha Verma – an advertising professional and travel enthusiast. Her smile is infectious and Roots has always been excited to have her on trips.

You can follow her on Instagram at : www.instagram.com/aasthavrma/

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  • Hey Dear Aastha Verma Thanks a million for guiding me to this Roots Vida group of enthusiastic travellers. Your blog is truly inspiring for those who want to travel alone and are in doubt about which company to take. Thank you again for posting this blog.

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