Learn while you are on a Holiday

When was the last time you did something for yourself? For the sake of your own personal growth. I don’t mean the type of “something for you” where you go get a pedicure or buy a new plant on a Sunday. I’m talking about doing something for you that brings you back to life. That excites you. That awakens you.

A Vacation with an artist, purely brings back the real person you always wanted to be, to learn a craft, to play a music instrument or learn a dance style. A short holiday with an artists may not make you a professional, but will definitely nurture your plans that were once a dream. Plan your mini apprenticeship with an artist.

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Best Seasons:Round the Year
Popular Location:Goa, Manali, Jibhi, Rishikesh, Pangot, Jim Corbett

Vacation with an Artist

Best Mini Apprenticeships of 2020
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UNWIND Retreat | Sharing Circle of Love


Having trouble completing a project? Lacking inspiration? Have you fallen into a boring or repetitive routine? It might be time to change your surroundings and go on a creative retreat.

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Yoga with your Stars – Rishikesh

2N 3D

Feel the connection of yoga and astrology in this beautiful Retreat Svadhyaya. An experience that will leave you elevated spiritually as you gain real spiritual knowledge and you will get to learn about the self-realization practices.

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