Road Expeditions

Join us as we take you to explore those terrains of the world that only a few have experienced!

It is all about our love for the road. We are the pioneers in organising road expeditions to places far-flung. Our road journeys are carefully crafted and with our extensive experience, you are guaranteed to have a unique insight about the uncharted places you’ll go to. These road trips are not for the faint-hearted. Drive as part of our convoy, meet like-minded travellers, experience the highs of driving through exotic landscapes and amazing terrains.

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Best Seasons:April, June, July, August, September, November
Popular Location:Ladakh, Spiti, Bhutan, Sikkim, Meghalaya

Best Road Expeditions in Summer of 2020

Not Your Usual Holiday

    Bhutan Road Expedition

    8N 9D

    Bhutan is no ordinary destination. It is the perfect mix of  art, mountains and culture. Road Expeditions to Bhutan with us includes a unique style of vacation, which focuses on rejuvenation and minimalistic lifestyle.

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