Spiti Valley : The Ultimate Mountain Escape

The Spiti Valley has a bit of a spectacular reputation – and it’s well-deserved. Jewel-coloured water, acres of dreamy magnificent mountains, a wind strong enough for windsurfing but not quite strong enough to muss up your hair…

Okay, enough with the superlatives. With limited connectivity and sparse money banks, here are five reasons why this ancient valley can easily claim the status of ‘ultimate mountain holiday’

Getting there in style

Travelling to the Spiti is where your adventure begins. Flights are way too far too reach this untouched escape so it’s the transfers that happen in style. The journey to your hotel could be a long treacherous road trip from Manali. However when you travel, you can bet on lots of adventures and some of the broadest smiles of the locals in this side of the Equator. Only one direct flight is available till Kullu airport from Delhi. You can alternatively take an overnight bus to Manali. Acclimatize a day in Manali and travel to Kaza the next day i.e. approx. 200kms (preferably leave early morning).

road trip

Pack for unpredictable weather

What to pack? Not that much! Remember, you’re going to be in an unpredictable weather region – the day will be warm, reliably sunny climate, and one of the Valley’s great pastimes is simply basking at some cafe. It’s a great excuse to don that sun hat – but don’t forget the sunscreen, including when you are travelling in the car, as you may end up getting a sunburn because you are high altitudes. To make the most of your experience, come evening time, all you’ll need is a jacket and warm sweaters to accompany those romantic sunsets, cold winds and changing moods.

pack for unpredictable weather

Natural beauty

It’s very easy to connect with nature when you are constantly surrounded by it. It starts with spectacular sunrises, which you can admire while you tend to travel early on road, with shades of brown, green and blue that stretch out for miles. Hotels in Kaza are typically built in Spitian style, so you’ll hear the sound of bell and hymns along with the fluttering flags from a nearby monastery. When you’ve enjoyed the perfect temperatures both in the day and night, you can head out to enjoy a magical sunset in the open landscapes. If you are lucky you can even spot the milky way on a clear night sky.

Natural beauty

chandratal lake

Dining your way

If you’d rather explore gastronomically instead of geographically, you can enjoy many local restaurants or personalised dining experiences, from sunrise breakfast in your own unique homestay to an appetising homestyle buffet with a local flavour. Round everything off with the pin drop silence around or a spiritual day out with monks around who stay at such difficult terrains throughout the year.

food in spiti

Take your call – Going Independently Or In A Group

Whether you travel by yourself or join a group trip is a personal decision. The villages of Spiti, though remote, are home to some of the kindest, friendliest people in India, and very welcoming of solo travellers. You do need a heart for adventure though – from the precarious journeys on rickety state buses, to hitchhiking with strangers, to travelling without a plan. Alternatively, you can join Rootsvida group trips to Spiti, designed to give you an adventure of a lifetime – hiking, culture and sightseeing, planned such that your moments lived here can be imprinted for life.

group trip to spiti

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