Why do we ESCAPE?

We often wonder why do we get tempted to travel and love to take up challenges and surprises. Why do I want to discover various places, meet new people and culture. Why is it that we can’t stay still and no matter how many places we have visited, our wanderlust never ceases?

Are we different from others because we just want to wander around the world without knowing what is next? This made me research a lot and we found an interesting fact about the genetic origin of human body. There is a particular gene code –GCDRD4 in some body types which tempts them to be an explorer accepting unknown challenges. It has also been traced in the blood line of the ancient travelers who traveled from Europe to Asia, who discovered Europe silk route, other people like Al Beruni and FaHEIN are believed to have this particular gene code. Possessed by about just 20% of the population, regions with history of traveling has shown the highest prevalence of travelers with this gene type.

As our interest developed, planning a trip for people with the idea of not knowing a place to them just made me jump from my couch. We started to search some people who might respond to surprises and are ready to take up an adventure like this.


Sometimes, when life catches up with you, and you find yourself doing everything at a million miles per hour and forgetting to breathe, it’s good to just take some time away. So here we were with a group of 12 who escaped into a world of unknown challenges and fun.

May be you are planning to get out of your house or just wander around the places – Just Do It. In case you are now called a ‘A Wandering soul’ or a ‘A travel Junkie’ among your friends, blame it on the Gene and continue the journey.

Roots successfully made an adventurous trip for a group to a place not known to them in May. Keep Following the Blog to know ‘Where did we ESCAPE in May 2015’!