Work From Anywhere

The new normal is all about flexibility at work and no commute. Let us adapt to our new schedules because our locations are ready to welcome you. Some days we need to shut out the world and just dive down into writing our novels, or developing a new algorithm, or putting together that big presentation for the all-hands meeting next week.

“Work From Anywhere” perfectly encapsulates that freedom and dynamism our schedules deserve. RootsVida has carefully chosen the right accommodations for you to enjoy your work in the destinations which brings out the best potential in you.

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Best Seasons:Round the Year
Popular Location:Chakrata, Mukteshwar, Kanatal, Manali, Bir, Pangot, Jodhpur, Pondicherry

Best Accommodations for Work of 2020

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Glampeco Dome Stay in Manali

    Under The Stars – Himachal Pradesh

    Imagine yourself surrounded with astounding mountains with crown of snow. Enjoy the vibes of living your dreams far away from your restless schedules to breathe and feel every moment in your way.

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