Stories from the Road : 50 Shades of Blue

Pangong Tso is about 150 kms from Leh. It’s a saline lake with a length of almost 135 kms and more than half of it is in China. The way to Pangong is as beautiful as everything else in Leh is. Snake like roads weaved into mountains, sudden greens, ups and downs, sand like terrain, random yaks and horses. To reach Pangong Lake, we first need to cross the Changla la Pass to reach Pangong. Although we shouldn’t stay there for more than 15 minutes due to thin air, we still took our time to embrace the beauty, talk to the army jawans and know how difficult it is to stay here day and night guarding the country.  After a 2 hours drive down the hill, you reach a point from where the lake suddenly peeps out through the valley. The sheer size and colours of the lake will stun you with its grandness.

The only place that you can hear the sound of the duck wading into the water is the Pangong Lake. One of the most talked about attraction of Ladakh, Pangong Lake – will not disappoint you even if you read and know everything about it. We reached by the evening and the moment we touched the water, it refreshed our tired bodies. We sat by the lake, threw stones in, dipped our feet too and slept by the lake side for a while. There is something about the sound of water gently hitting the shore that puts you at ease with the world.

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We spent our night sitting outside our tents as the sheet of stars had surrounded us. With the temperature dipping to 1*C, the winds from the lake started to grow colder.

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shades of blue 9To our surprise, the morning was as crazy as it could get. Our idea of watching the sunrise turned into an adventure. Within minutes one of the traveler jumped in the river and the others too couldn’t wait to be part of it.Well, believe me, while we saw the sun rise between the hills, with its mirror image on the water. The jump in the coldest water ever at 14000 ft was just beyond explanations, this beauty of Nature has to be experienced and not just seen!

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I would say is if you haven’t seen Leh yet, you really haven’t been swept off your feet!

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