Explorer Edition: To my Itchy Foot – Discovery of a Corn Village!



On my extended stay in my hometown, my boots were itching to explore something new. Just 50 kms from Dehradun, up in the hills is a beautiful hamlet popularly known as the corn village. To my surprise, apart from growing corn, every house in this village was decorated with ripe corn. The village constitutes of only 15 houses made up of deodar wood with short doors and with women being the bread winners of all homes. They hang it outside their homes in order to dry them so that they have enough to harvest for the next season. It also in turn turns out to add to the decor of the already colorful homes. Looks absolutely quirky and attractive at the same time.

Outside a typical Garhwali home in Bhatoli and Sainji villages, you will see freshly harvested corn hanging in bunches. While for the villagers it is the way of life, the unique sight arouses much curiosity among new tourists. The ripe corn outside a house is known to be a sign of wealth in this villages. So more corn used to cover the house, wealthier the family. Corn is a major part of the staple diet for these people. Their favorite food happens to be makki di roti (corn chapati) and walnut chutney.


  • Experience Jaunsar -Jaunpur Heritage Trail
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Traditional dance and Music
  • Cooking Workshop of Local /Garhwali traditional food.
  • Bird Watching
  • Forest Trails


The nearest railhead and airport is at Dehradun. Hire a taxi from Dehradun to reach Mussoorie. Once you reach Mussoorie by road, take the road toward Yamnotri. Take a right turn after crossing the Garhwal English Medium School to reach the corn village of Sainji.

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