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A Knot of Legacy – Punjab


Reconnect with your roots this vacation. Feel the essence of Punjab in this amazing getaway at Amritsar and experience the tranquility of the countryside.

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All about the A Knot of Legacy – Punjab.

Experience the tranquility of the countryside and get to try to reconnect with your roots this vacation. Feel the essence of Punjab in this amazing getaway at Amritsar with a twist of unpretentious luxury. Enjoy your peaceful stay in this beautiful resort located around 1 hour distance from Amritsar surrounded with the mesmerizing views of sparkling fields of matured crops. Witness the magic of soothing sunset and relax under the hypnotic skies with millions of glittering stars.


Your vacation will be incomplete without the flavors of Punjab, so don’t forget to taste the authenticity of the state known for its delicious regional cuisine. Straight-off-the-fire stuffed paranthas, poori–subzi or chole-bhature, Lassi, Sarson ka saag and Makke di roti, Kheer made of Sugarcane, Raita, Stuffed Naan, Butter Chicken/ Paneer and Dal makhni with white butter are some of the must try dishes.


At this place there is a lot to do and equally there are a lot of reasons for doing nothing. There is nothing to disturb the calm unless you count the chirping of birds or the crops swaying in the fields. You can partake in various farming activities around the resort, feel and smell the soil of this fertile land and temporarily forget your urban existence. A dip in our tube-well tank with water gushing out at full force is quite an invigorating experience. Setting out from resorts there are extensive opportunities for walking and cycling with a good network of trails.

Resort also offers a Tour to Amritsar and activities that involves in your are –

  •         Bullock cart / Tractor ride
  •         Visit local Sikh temple
  •         Sikh History Museum
  •         Participate in farming

This place offers stay in 4 rustic cottages. For more details click the next tab.

Accommodation & Stay Details

For your comfort the resort has 4 stand-alone cottages tastefully       styled in traditional Punjabi architecture and beautifully set to maximize the spectacular views across huge expanses of farmland. Simple yet stylish, these spacious, high-ceiling cottages offer you the wholesome and authentic experience of staying at a farm. Each cottage has a suite bathroom, a covered front deck and a private open roof terrace. The most prominent feature of the bedroom is the imposing four-poster bed with luxurious mattress.

Stay inclusions