Learn while you are on a Holiday

When was the last time you did something for yourself? For the sake of your own personal growth. I don’t mean the type of “something for you” where you go get a pedicure or buy a new plant on a Sunday. I’m talking about doing something for you that brings you back to life. That excites you. That awakens you.

A Vacation with an artist, purely brings back the real person you always wanted to be, to learn a craft, to play a music instrument or learn a dance style. A short holiday with an artists may not make you a professional, but will definitely nurture your plans that were once a dream. Plan your mini apprenticeship with an artist.

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Best Seasons:Round the Year
Popular Location:Goa, Manali, Jibhi, Rishikesh, Pangot, Jim Corbett

Vacation with an Artist

Best Mini Apprenticeships of 2020