Beaches & Sandy Shores

Take classic sunshine breaks with a difference and be castaway in a remote paradise!

What a feeling it would be to sit on the shores of a scenic beach and bask in the gleaming sunlight! Accompanying you would be a glass of refreshing drink, some cool breeze and shimmering waves. Experience the most blissful night’s sleep you will ever have as your hammock sways to the soundtrack of the ocean waves. Travel to some of the most enthralling holiday destinations and be a witness to colorful marine life, delectable cuisines and sun-soaked beaches.

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Best Seasons:October to February
Popular Location:Goa, Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sri Lanka

Beaches & Sandy Shores

Best Beach Holidays in Summer of 2020

    A Dreamy Retreat – Andaman Islands

    Experience an astounding stay this vacation with beautiful views of turquoise waters of Bay of Bengal and rustic cottages sharing lands with tropical rainforests and peaceful beaches.

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